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Artist-cum-Photographer - Re-designation as Assistant - * Consideration of - (1)
B.Tech degree examination - Request to treat better mark scored * on reappearance as external improvement - Consideration of - reg. (1)
Continuation of issuing Equivalence Certificate to Ph.D. awardees prior to 2009 as well as to those registered between 11.07.2009 eks 01.01.2010 - Re-examination on the basis of G.O. dated 19.04.2014 - reg. (1)
Implementation of N-4 rule in CUSAT - New guidelines - Implemented - Ratification of - reg. (1)
K.M. Mani Centre for Budget Studies (KMMCBS) - Administrative * sanction for the approved minutes of the Executive Council of KMMCBS - Fixing the terms for the appointment of Co-ordinator KMMCBS - Approval of the qualification, experience and pay scale similar to that of an Assistant Professor and fixing the rate of honorarium to the Indian/Foreign Experts - Approval of the Syndicate - reg (1)
K.M. Mani Centre for Budget Studies (KMMCBS) - Request to remove/delete the name of the Centre established in the name of _ K.M. Mani, former Minister of the State Government - (1)
Modification and• Streamlining of Ph.D. Evaluation Procedures - Amendment to Ph.D. Regulations, 2010 - Fixing the date of effect of the University Orders - Ratification - Suggestion of Deans,- reg. and 2. Representation by Cochin University Teachers' Association regarding the format of Ph.D. Degree Certificate - reg. (1)
New fee structure implemented in the University - Difficulty in implementation - reg. (1)
Purchase of computers (Desktops) - Computerization of Examination process - reg. (1)

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