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Advancing the date of promotions of Dr. Asaletha R, Associate Professor, Division of Applied Sciences & Humanities, CUCEK by complying the Judgment of the Hon’ble High Court of Kerala – Action taken by the Vice Chancellor – Reporting to the Syndicate for Ratification – Reg. (1)
AICTE Scheme, 2006 – Placement under CAS – Associate Professor to Professor – Dr. Dhannia T, Associate Professor, Division of Applied Sciences & Humanities, School of Engineering – Recommendation of the Selection Committee – Consideration of – Reg. (1)
Award of University Post-Doctoral Fellowships-2022 – Reporting to the Syndicate – Reg. (1)
Cochin University Students Union 2021-22 – Extension of tenure – Action taken by the Vice-Chancellor – Ratification of – Reg. (1)
Conduct of CAT 2023 and related matters – Minutes of the CAT Monitoring Committee meeting held on 28.09.2022 – Placed before the Syndicate for consideration – Reg. (1)
Conversion of one vacant post of Assistant Professor in Marine Engineering to the post of Assistant Professor with specialization in Electronics & Communication Engineering – Reporting of – Reg. (1)
Delayed receipt of monthly Non Plan Grant-in-Aid from the Government of Kerala – Difficulty in disbursing the Salary/Pension in a timely manner – Proposals for dealing the financial situation in future – Submitted for consideration – Reg. (1)
Department of Ship Technology – Corrections in B.Tech (NA& SB) and M.Tech (CASAD) – 2020 Syllabus – Academic Council resolution – Reporting of – Reg. (1)
Department of Youth Welfare – Participation in Inter University Arts and Sports Competitions – Enhancement of DA sanctioned – Ratification of – Reg. (1)
Dr. N Balakrishna, Professor, Department of Statistics – Request for relieving him from the post of Director, Office of International Relations – Consideration of – Reg. (1)

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