665 th Syndicate -22.06.2019

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dc.subject Allocation of University M.Phil Scholarships – Centre for the Study of Social Exclusion and Inclusive Policy (CSSEIP), CUSAT – Reg. en_US
dc.subject G.O. issued by Higher Education Department Incorporating the Clause 7.13 of Chapter VII of AICTE approval process handbook 2019-20 in the admission prospectus to all courses approved by AICTE for the next academic year – Reg. en_US
dc.subject Proposal of Management Committee for SAF 2018-19 – Finding sponsors for SAF from next year onwards – Consideration of – Reg. en_US
dc.subject Extension of Provisional Recognition to the Recognized Institution – KVM College of Science and Technology for the Academic Year 2019- * 20 – Judgment of the Hon’ble High Court of Kerala – Consideration of the Syndicate – Reg. en_US
dc.subject Dr. P.G. Sankaran, Pro-Vice-Chancellor – Terms and Conditions of Service – Action taken by the Vice-Chancellor – Reporting to the Syndicate for Ratification – Reg. en_US
dc.subject General Transfer Norms for University employees – Re-consideration of - Reg. en_US
dc.subject Honorarium in respect of External Experts in Selection Committees for direct recruitment and CAS placement of Teachers – Enhancement – Consideration of – Reg. en_US
dc.subject Formulating Fee Structure – M.Phil (Navy Course) – Reg. en_US
dc.subject Revision of rent, water and electricity charges – Quarters/Savanna Family Quarters/Hostels/Guest House/Athidhi Bhavan/Work sites/ Canteens – Reg. en_US
dc.subject Draft Hostel Rules –Submitted for approval of the Syndicate – Reg. en_US
dc.subject University Vehicle – Purchase of New Car – Consideration of – Reg. en_US
dc.title 665 th Syndicate -22.06.2019 en_US

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